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Applicant 1st ForenameApplicant SurnameApplicant Relationship to FatherApplicant Admission DateApplicant OccupationApplicant Residence
William WALLACE eldest 10/25/1932 Plasterer Johannesburg
Michael TURNBULL 3rd 20/3/1897 Seaman Hatters Lane, Berwick
Ralph TURNBULL 2nd 6/29/1939 Minister of Religion. M.A. F.R.C.S. Blackpool
Luke TODD 4th 7/16/1901 Compositor Newcastle
Ralph THOMPSON Eldest 24/8/1897 Blacksmith Railway Street, Berwick
James THOMPSON 2nd 16/3/1899 Cartwright Railway Street, Berwick
John THOMPSON eldest 10/1/1929 Publican Berwick
William THOMPSON eldest 10/6/1931 Arts Student Berwick
Cyril THOMPSON eldest 10/4/1932 Doctor Bromley
William THOMPSON Eldest 10/3/1939 Engineer Berwick
William THOMPSON 3rd 8/12/1902 Joiner Berwick
William TAYLOR eldest 10/4/1932 Electrician Berwick
Ronald TAYLOR 2nd 10/1/1935 Clerk Berwick
Robert TAYLOR Eldest 9/12/1902 Coach Painter Berwick
Duncan TATTON BROWN 2nd 8/30/1935 Captain R.N. (rtd) Tonbridge
Robert TATTON BROWN 2nd 6/30/1936 Colonial Service Officer Cambridge
Charles TATTON BROWN Eldest 10/4/1938 Stock and Share Broker Southampton
Thomas STROTHER Eldest 4/6/1897 Dental Assistant Quay Wall, Berwick
Lindsay STROTHER 3rd 6/21/1939 Ironmonger Sunderland
William STROTHER 4th 28/8/1899 Saddler Sunderland