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Applicant 1st ForenameApplicant SurnameApplicant Relationship to FatherApplicant Admission DateApplicant OccupationApplicant Residence
James BELL 3rd surviving 24/2/1896 Hotel Keeper Newcastle upon Tyne
Stephen BANNISTER 2nd 4/23/1930 Inspector of Agency Assurance Soc. Bradford
Joseph BANNISTER eldest 10/6/1931 Coal Miner Usworth Colliery
Joseph BANNISTER eldest 10/3/1933 Analytical Chemist Scunthorpe
John BANNISTER 3rd surviving 12/4/1899 Fitter Hatters Lane, Berwick
George ANDERSON 2nd 9/25/1930 Motor Contractor Berwick
Matthias ALLAN Only 8/31/1940 R.A.F. Berwick
Ian ALDER 2nd 10/2/1928 Farm Student Hawick
Henry ALDER 2nd 3/21/1902 Master Mariner Berwick
Alfred AINSLIE 4th 10/1/1929 Gentleman Leeds
Thomas AINSLIE 3rd 10/28/1930 Engineer Clydebank
Kenneth AINSLIE eldest 10/6/1931 Electrical Engineer Clydebank