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Applicant 1st ForenameApplicant SurnameApplicant Relationship to FatherApplicant Admission DateApplicant OccupationApplicant Residence
William CARR Eldest 3/9/1897 Veterinary Student Edinburgh
Alfred CARR 2nd 10/9/1933 Hardware Merchant Croxley Green Herts.
George CAIRNS 3rd 10/1/1900 Draper Berwick
John CAIRNS 2nd surviving 9/30/1901 Electrical Engineer Berwick
John CAIRNS 2nd 10/26/1901 Grocer Newcastle
James CAIRNS 3rd 6/23/1902 Marine Engineer Heaton
Thomas CAIRNS 3rd surviving 10/6/1902 Civil Service Chelsea
Stuart BROWN 3rd surviving 02/10/1899 Writing Clerk Glasgow
Alexander BROWN 2nd surviving 4/10/1897 Writing Clerk Glasgow
William BROWN 2nd 8/30/1935 Director of Irrigation (rtd) Edinburgh
Duncan BROWN 2nd 8/30/1935 Captain R.N. (rtd) Tonbridge
Watson BROWN Eldest 8/7/1936 Apprentice Engineer Leith
William BROWN eldest 10/4/1932 Railway Porter Blaydon-on-Tyne
William BROWN 2nd 5/30/1939 Not specified Leith
Frank BROWN 5th 9/27/1902 Commercial Clerk Glasgow
Ralph BROWN El. Surviving 21/9/1895 Labourer Castlegate, Berwick
James BLAKEY 2nd 6/23/1937 Shipyard Foreman North Shields
Douglas BLAKEY Eldest 9/26/1940 Solicitor Isle of Man
Eric BLAKEY Younger 10/1/1940 Solicitor Cullercoats
Edward BELL 2nd 9/30/1930 Traveller London